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  • Priscilla
  • Clay Pigeons
  • The Heroic Trio
  • Kate & Leopold

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  • Death Is My Neighbor

  • East of Eden


  • Padlocks

  • Fast Film

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  • Fast Film

    Fast Film

    2023 FALLing into a dumpster fire challenge: compilation film.
    film lodge scavenger hunt prompt #32. stop-motion.

    Too chaotic for me personally, but I loved the creativity and distinctive visuals, although the frenetic pace and choppiness did get kind of overstimulating after a certain point. Would have liked to see more of a variety of movies and actors included but it's always a treat to see classic films placed in out-of-context scenarios.

  • Thin Ice

    Thin Ice


    watching every tyrone power movie #27

    Watching really young Tyrone Power movies is always kind of weird because he almost looks too angelic and perfect. I definitely prefer him with an edge, although I think this is one of his better earlier performances since he's very funny and charming.

    Unfortunately, it is a Sonja Henie starring vehicle and her screen presence is quite bland. Her personal life sounds pretty wild though so will definitely have to read into that. But…

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  • White Oleander

    White Oleander


    this was really good, but the POWER it would have had if it had been directed by a woman instead. . .

  • Royal Deceit

    Royal Deceit

    Things Christian Bale does in this film:
    - Growls and barks like a dog (more than once)
    - Eats leaves off of a tree branch for a whole scene
    - Rides a horse sitting backwards, while also carrying a stick in his mouth
    - Crawls around naked in a hayloft
    - Kills a man in front of his mother and then feeds him to a bunch of pigs
    - Crows like a rooster (more than once)
    - Watches his pregnant…