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  • Running on Empty
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  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    Obscure 80s/90s Films Binge #25

    This was enjoyable enough but I didn't really get anything of substance out of it. The plot was pretty bland and didn't explore any of the themes it could have - like the killer's motivations, the psychological effects that Todd was going through for being wrongly accused, etc.

    The actor who played Terry and Todd was good; he did very different ends of the spectrum well and convincingly. The rest of the cast ranged from…

  • Just One of the Guys

    Just One of the Guys


    Obscure 80s/90s Films Binge #24

    I really liked how this started out, there were a lot of feminist elements and of course, queer coding. But then it devolved into a typical '80s teen comedy with lots of problematic dialogue and stereotypical characters. Plot points just kept happening (or not happening) for no reason, other than to further the story.

    Joyce Hyser gave a great performance as the lead, embodying her character very well. She was charming and interesting to watch…

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  • White Oleander

    White Oleander


    this was really good, but the POWER it would have had if it had been directed by a woman instead. . .

  • Royal Deceit

    Royal Deceit


    Things Christian Bale does in this film:
    - Growls and barks like a dog (more than once)
    - Eats leaves off of a tree branch for a whole scene
    - Rides a horse sitting backwards, while also carrying a stick in his mouth
    - Crawls around naked in a hayloft
    - Kills a man in front of his mother and then feeds him to a bunch of pigs
    - Crows like a rooster (more than once)
    - Watches his pregnant…