Letterboxd Showdown: Sci-Fi Gems

It’s time to face the music and uncover some new prospects. While all eyes are rightly on the resurrection of The Matrix, let’s run a scanner darkly over the under-appreciated science fiction we love from throughout this voyage of time. From this millennium or the last, what science-fiction movies were colossal underwhelms upon release, running silent through cinemas, that deserve to be chronicled today? Whether they star a man from this earth (or another), or a turbo kid in the slipstream, list the ten hidden-gem sci-fi films that would board your midnight special (films must have a 3.5 average or lower).

  • Cloud Atlas
  • The Vast of Night
  • Equilibrium
  • 2010
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Speed Racer
  • Lost in Space
  • Titan A.E.
  • The Black Hole
  • Jupiter Ascending