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  • Arrival



    Some space ships appear around the world. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner get called in by the army to do science. Amy is a linguist, Jeremy a theoretical physicist. 

    Very cool aliens, the language stuff is done well. Amy Adams is sciencing a lot in shlubby army duds. 
    I hated the "non-linear time" nonsense. It's not "non-linear" when your whole life is predestined. If Amy does anything differently than she is supposed to she won't meet the Chinese general in the future so she won't know what to tell him to save the world in the past. So dumb.

  • EverAfter



    Additional half star for having a female lead with agency.

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  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer


    Watching this rom-com felt like watching a spreadsheet of "what the cool kids like these days".

  • Import/Export



    After the screening director Ulrich Seidl told the audience that he is convinced that the Latin phrase "Homo homini lupus est" rings true for all human interaction: man is a wolf to his fellow man.

    The film was shot in sequence and on location in Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Ukraine. It is full of memorable scenes that have stuck with me even though it's more than three years ago that I have last seen it.