8 Mile ★★½

Totally forgot Mike Shannon was in this.

Brittany Murphy‘s character comes off as if she‘s high all the time (maybe she is).

The drama throughout is kind of weak. He‘s supposed to battle rap - but can‘t. His mom is about to get evicted - until she isn‘t (she scored big at bingo...). Mekhi Phifer wants him to get respect, Wink tries to get him a record deal - neither really managed that. Anthony Mackie switches back and forth from being trigger-happy. All of this is merely a poorly structured excuse to market a soundtrack through a movie.

Most of the rapping isn‘t that great either outside of the final battle itself (e.g. Xzibit at the food truck). It feels like it is boiled down to give a broad audience an easier access. “Lose Yourself“ is still a killer track regardless.

I also appreciate that Eminem didn‘t pull a Justin Timberlake and think he‘s an actor all of a sudden (he does a fine job as a caricature of himself though).