Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

I feel bad for this movie. While revisiting it – this time watching the Ultimate Cut – I see so much potential, but the film's biggest and baddest villain, Mr. Goyer, is hindering it from being more than the convoluted and misguided mess it is.

While watching the 30 minutes longer extended cut I didn't even realize which scenes where necessarily new. Meaning it didn't feel like that much of a different experience. Outside of the fact that the film is now too long, sagging a bit in the middle act before the action climax.

Said climax I still enjoy. The set up for the Bats and Supes fight is not good but the fight itself plays out nicely. Superman trying to talk to Batman who is having none of it. This then pisses Superman off so he tries to beat Batman down enough so he'll listen to him. The kryptonite is used well. If it wasn't for that Martha moment. It is still so bad.

The battle with Doomsday is neat too. My favorite moment is when the creature throws Wonder Woman away and while picking herself up from the ground she can't help but crack a smirk, fighting a worthy opponent. Gotta love Diana Prince. I did enjoy Doomsday more this time around. He is totally underutilized, essentially wasted for a 10 minute fight scene but overall I like his creation – and for that matter, his creator.

Eisenberg delivers a different kind of Luthor, who compared to Leto's different kind of Joker fares a bit better. He is more insane but gladly not just a polished take on the Hackman and/or Spacey interpretation. That being said I would've preferred a Flashpoint Paradox approach where Luthor would've acted out more akin to Batman by trying to protect humanity from a possible threat and as a consequence creating an actual threat to humanity in the process (which is still there, in this version, but his schizophrenia is just overshadowing it).

While I said Doomsday was kind of wasted Jimmy Olsen fares way way worse. The same could be said for Barbara Gordon who, if I recollect correctly, isn't even addressed by name in this Ultimate Cut. Jeremy Irons is still a fun addition, Gal Gadot is the MVP, Affleck is fine (love the Metropolis opening scene) and Cavill comes out better in the extended version. Couldn't care less for Amy Adams (in general).

Bottom line: I enjoyed the film more on a rewatch yet I'm awarding it the same amount of stars since the Ultimate Cut is just too long. The theatrical version will most likely get a 2.5/5 the next time I see it.

P.S.: My favorite thing continues to be the individual themes for the main characters (especially Luthor's and Wonder Woman's).

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