Blade Runner 2049 ★★½

In the current age of 80's pandering the industry won't let go with gnawing at Harrison Ford's bones, once again keeping him from his overdue retirement to rehash another one of his former roles.

As in most cases no one wanted or asked for a sequel to Blade Runner and naturally Hollywood squeezed one out anyway. Very much like one of the artificially created humans in this lifeless and meandering placenta of a movie is squeezed out at one point.

Consequentially there is no real story here, none worth telling beside some messages the original movie had already told 35 years ago. Ironically the film still wastes nearly three hours where most of the running time could've been cut down from a narrative angle.

Granted, visually it looks nice at times although mostly for the sake of showing off its cinematography. The score is a thumping mess, despite those slight hints of Vangelis. Besides, nice to see at least some black actors in here, even if they were reserved for bit parts that were of no relevance to the story.

Maybe Mr. Ford can retire now. Before Steven Spielberg mistreats him to another Indiana Jones sequel.

P.S.: How lazy can someone be to literally steal a whole scene from Spike Jonze's HER?

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