Deadpool ★★

Unexpectedly I laughed twice during this film. Once for the "Blade II" reference (although "Blade: Trinity" would've made more sense due to Reynold's appearance) and once for the cartoon characters.

Besides that "Deadpool" does not have a lot to offer beyond the general self-regarding obnoxiousness of the character. If you're a Deadpool fan than I guess this movie will rock your world. If not, than not (I fall into the latter category).

On an unrelated note I don't really understand why Deadpool's regenerative powers don't regenerate his face or overall appearance. Doesn't make a lot of sense. If you cut of his head does the head regenerate itself looking like it did before? And does it start as a little "Super Mario Bros."-style Goomba-esque head since his hand was all "Scary Movie 2"-ish? How come, besides budgetary reasons, that Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is totally vacated except for Colossus and the girl? Are all the 10 year olds out on a X-Men mission with Storm and Co.? Why was Deadpool so good with his swords when he was simply a back alley mercenary? I know he was a swordsman in the first "Wolverine" solo movie but that's not considered canon for this one or is it?

So many questions...