Death Proof ★★★

So I am supposed to believe that Lindsay Lohan‘s hairstylist would just stomp an unarmed guy‘s head in?

What a weird ending, obviously those three girls will face serious jail time for a) reckless driving and b) murder (since they have no witnesses for Stuntman Mike‘s behavior).

Why Kim isn’t simply stopping the car so that Zoë can get off the hood and inside the car is beyond me. And considering how they leave Lee behind I wouldn‘t be surprised if she gets raped by that hillbilly guy. What a statement.

I like the first half and the accompanying visual style although Tarantino‘s grindhouse gimmicks come off extremely forced. Both the visual style and the gimmicks are dropped for the weaker retelling of the same story which makes me wonder: why implement them at all then?

Zoë Bell is not very good. Although there is a callback to the ditch anecdote from the diner the anecdote itself isn‘t terribly interesting and the whole scene goes on way too long

Rather good first 50 minutes, disappointing following 50 minutes.