Eighth Grade ★★★

Cringeworthy, to say the least. The movie boasts with unoriginality, moving from cliché to cliché with predictable story beats: the cool kid who has to invite "the loser", failed dinner table conversations, embarrassed parental driving yadda yadda yadda. The movie offers nothing that other genre stories haven't thematized already. Even the focus on Instagram, Snapchat and all that jazz hardly offers anything new or fresh compared to Black Mirror's "Nosedive" or Ingrid Goes West.

I guess her vlog is a neat way to boost her own self (although I could punch her every time she did that annoying "Gucci!" thing) but as far as the movie goes the girl seems to have 0 friends, which I find hard to believe. She doesn't even have an online "friend", which I find even harder to believe. Even if you're not popular don't "unpopular people" find friends amongst other "unpopular people"?

Verdict: overhyped.