Finding Dory ★★★

How does a beluga whale know about freeways and "the fuzz"? Never mind.

Pixar returns with another one of their sequels to prior box office hits, following the same formula as in Finding Nemo since it cuts down work time for actually being creative.

Basically there is no reason for the clown fish to be in this story since they don't really add much to it. But you have to include it all, from that stingray to the sea turtles. Alas, no sharks this time (only a squid who is the only ocean creature in this film unable - or unwilling - to communicate with out heroes.

There are hardly any things to laugh at (the exeption being a doofus sea lion who clearly riffs off Lion King's Ed) and Finding Dory mostly wants to be adorable with some puppy-eyed flashbacks of a young Dory.

After the already disappointing Inside Out and mediocre Monsters University (I spared myself the experience of The Good Dinosaur) it seems like Pixar lost its footing since Brave.

Luckily they have their next movies already lined up, from Cars 3 to Toy Story 4 to The Incredibles 2....God help us all.

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