Furie ★★

In some ways you gotta admire Netflix' consistency with the terribleness of all their original films. On the heels of the garbage The Perfection arrives this one, which is slightly better but still not good.

Furie reminded me of that Tony Jaa movie where he has to retrieve his kidnapped elephant – only that it's way more boring than the Thai flick.

Ironic that guns only became an issue ten minutes until the end.

Also amusing: the cop wants to call for back-up once they made it to the station and the train is leaving instead of calling for back-up on their 45 minute ride (!) to the station where he knew they were going to intercept the train. (As an addendum to my point above: why doesn't even the cop carry a gun?)

Good for Hai Phuong that she just happened to walk into the one police station in Saigon where the dude who investigated this global (!) kidnapping scheme happened to be stationed.

And why are Mai's classmates at the hospital? Did they want to apologize so desperately that it couldn't wait until school? Am I supposed to believe that these brats changed their character? Was that "resolution" to their conflict really so necessary overall?