Ghostbusters ★½

Who you gonna call... to get your money back?

Usually when people say a movie is bad it ain't that bad. 'cos people are sheep. But every once in a while even a blind sheep gets its head out off the ground (or something like that).

Not even the magnificent (albeit not here) Kate McKinnon was able to lift this movie above the surface into quality entertainment.

The most unfortunate thing is that an all-female Ghostbusters reboot could've been a lot of fun (even if I don't get why it had to be all-female). There are some funny moments here, I especially enjoyed the few meta-quips at the internet audience. And the Jaws reference.

Alas most of the film ain't that funny. Or fun at all. Wiig gives it a shot at least, McCarthy seems totally uninterested and Jones plus McKinnon struggle with scenes that run longer than the SNL skits they're accustomed to. Chris Hemsworth wants to be the highlight but his overachieving attempts basically all fall flat.

The motif of the villain never becomes clear as if large narrative portions (if they actually ever existed) were cut in favor of more wan tan soup jokes.

Glad Harold Ramis didn't have to watch this. R.I.P. Egon.