It Follows ★★★

First of all I think this is a film that works best if seen in the/a cinema. I saw it only in home cinema though.

So what's the message of this film? Don't have sex. It will haunt you. It will kill you. The ultimate horror movie message: stay a virgin and you'll live.

The sex thing is kind of a weird and a nonsensical set-up for a nonetheless intriguing idea. A slow walking messenger of death following you around.

Unless you fuck someone. Does it have to be consensual? Does rape work? Do you need a condom? Who knows. It's a demon thing who (which?) is fine by chasing you down or the person you had intercourse with.

What kind of intercourse? Does only penetration do the trick? Are lesbians safe? Does kissing count? Do you have to have an orgasm or can you fake it? Who knows. Don't overthink it. It's a horror film. It is not supposed to make any sense at all. None of them do.

I did not like the ever changing... chaser thing. Stay one person. At least for every scene. Don't be one second this and that the next. I mean, what the fuck, man. What's the deal? You can't get into a beach shed as a little kid so transform into a huge guy? Seemingly at the same time? My oh my.

Maika Monroe is one piece of hot mess though. This and the terrific The Guest – she's an up-and-comer – that's for sure.