Sandy Wexler ★★½


First of all let's register that these Sandler Netflix movies increase in quality, from Ridiculous Six to The Do-Over to Sandy Wexler. Although this newest entry for the streaming service is clearly way too long with a running time of over two hours.

Sandler reverts to his old schtick of creating a loveable loser (e.g. The Waterboy), working as a manager for other creative losers. Despite his career status he seems to be a known personality for the entirety of Hollywood – which is weird but somewhat funny. Cue: A multitude of celebrity cameos, from Arsenio Hall to Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel to Judd Apatow, Chris Rock et al.

The plot is predictable, it doesn't help that you already open the movie with a wedding reception. Even though it's not really clear why Jennifer Hudson's promiscuous R'n'B singer would fall for this Jewish schmuck outside of his sheer innocence.

Nonetheless I got a couple of genuine laughs out of Sandy Wexler and would it have been half an hour shorter while being narratively a bit tighter it surely would've made for a better movie. But as it is it's still watchable.