Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★

Mix elements from Sam Raimi's powerhouse trilogy with some TV stunt casting (e.g. Better Call Saul, Orange Is the New Black) and tiresome references to Iron Man and you got yet another reboot of Spider-Man within the last couple of years.

Way too much Aveners pandering, way too much bored and boring RDJ green screen cameos, way too much Heath Ledger channeling from Zendaya, not nearly enough Marisa Tomei.

The premise could have some script polishes, too. So there's a guy selling weapons with alien technology which surely should stir up some attention but the guy who started a whole department to claim alien technology hardly gives a shit? I guess he at one point does call the FBI. To go after the dudes with alien technology. Yup, makes sense.

At least Spider-Man doesn't need to save the world, despite still ending up in another one of those overdrawn and messy CGI aerial climaxes.

I enjoyed the friendly neighborhood montage and the end credits in the same vain. Maybe the movie should have went more into that direction.

Overall: way too long, way too much pandering but still for the most part watchable with a handful of neat moments.