Three Identical Strangers ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

The first half hour is amazing, with that great use of reenactment while transferring the dynamic of the triplets across the screen watching “three separate lives becoming one”, as one of the aunts puts it.

The following hour is a mixed bag, especially on a second viewing. The experiment itself is interesting but the film never really gives itself over to exploring the aspects of it. It doesn't help that at times the movie flashes back to scenes it has just shown us six minutes earlier and repeating others more than once. When the journalist reveals the overlap with the adopting agency it becomes particularly laughable.

All of this is for dramatic effect, I get it. But sometimes that doesn't help the narrative. When the movie reveals Eddy's manic depression only after the information that Bobby left the restaurant it conveys the impression that both are connected. Until the whole "nature vs. nurture" schtick when it blames Eddy's disease as a result of his father's parenting.

More context would've been helpful: was Eddy always manic-depressive or did it really only start to come to light once Bobby left? Seeing as they are triplets do all of them share the tendency towards manic depression but only because Eddy's father was too strict it broke out in him and not the others? Even though we're informed that Bobby's father wasn't around that much because of his work.

If your angle is nature vs. nurture than dedicate more time towards Bobby and David talking about their upbringing (outside of Bubelah, who sounds like a terrific guy). Center it more, have an additional talking head from the scientific field. As it is it kind of feels tagged on and turns into a wet noodle instead of harvesting all the fascinating aspects of it. Too bad but still an engaging watch.