Tootsie ★★★

Tootsie is a movie that nowadays probably wouldn't get made again. It is somehow similar to Mrs. Doubtfire but more problematic.

Where in Mrs. Doubtfire the main character, a divorced father, wants to be close(r) to his kids, Tootsie revolves around an outcast actor who won't get a job since he throws tantrums and pretends to be a tantrum-throwing woman to make money.

As said woman Dustin Hoffman's character shows the other ladies on the set, specifically Jessica Lange, how "it's done" as a woman in a man's world. It's not exactly mansplaining but not that far off either.

Tootsie has not that much to say about the predicaments of actresses or women, despite featuring a couple of scenes with hints of #MeToo with George Gaynes' handsy co-star.

Generally the movie would work better if Hoffman's Michael Dorsay was more of a sexist douche – he is a douche nonetheless – who has a change of character after he experiences life through the mindset of a woman. Instead he stays more or the less the same.

That soap opera reveal is a hoot though and Bill Murray superbly understated.