Twilight ★★★

I actually rather enjoy the first 50 minutes of this where Bella settles into Forks. Once the whole tree climbing and explaining begins the story kind of flatlines a bit until the James conflict goes into full gear. As little exposition as there is to that I do appreciate it in a way.

One of my issues though is the angsty demeanor of both Bella and Edward throughout most of the runtime. It creates a weird vibe that both are sort of tiptoeing around. I would buy that more if these were actually two teenagers who are falling for each other, but Eddie is around a 100 probably. He should have more life experience to not come off as a teenager.

Which adds an interesting point though: do the Cullens imitate every generation? Would be great to see them in the 50s and 80s. I don't really understand why they keep on graduating from high school. They keep to themselves anyway so why not just claim that they're homeschooled? I mean, Jacob and his pals are schooled within the reservation, so I wouldn't think it too much of a stretch.

Considering how small a place Forks is the Cullens must have skipped at least 2-3 generations before their return, no? Surely there must be at least one or two people who stuck around and would be like "hey, those kids look like my high school buddies!". What is so specific about Forks (or Washington) that they take (quasi) permanent residence?

Maybe I'm confusing this with one of the other films but I thought that Bella lets Edward feed on her so he gains the strength to master James since he is a "vegetarian". Maybe that's a different vampire movie altogether.

The whole "mysterious boy saves girl from immanent death and in the process reveals big secret about himself and his family" thing was clearly stolen by Meyer from Melinda Metz' Roswell High – am I right? (Maybe Metz herself stole it from somewhere else, but Edward's jump save reminded me of Max saving Liz).

Maybe it's just me but Kristen Stewart looks at times eerily similar to Emma Watson.