Watergate ★★★

TMI – The Motion Picture.

With a runtime of 4,5 hours Ferguson surely covers all the bases. The Watergate break-in happens around the 30 minute mark with another 4 hours focusing on the aftermath. Whereas the first 90 minutes keep up a good pace, it's somewhere after two hours when your attention starts to losen its grip.

Overall Watergate could've been more compressed, over four hours is pretty long even if Ferguson manages to get a good group of talking heads in front of his camera, ranging from Bernstein and Woodward to Pat Buchanan and former members of CREEP (btw, what a fantastic acronym). That the documentary lacks some form of the same dynamic that Ferguson's Inside Job incorporated might be due to its association with the History Channel. Editing it down into something around 160 minutes might've helped the film a lot. For example by losing the heartless re-enactments which are more recitings by second rate actors.

The contemporary aspect of Watergate on the other hand is a lot of fun though. Large portions of this film could easily be reused in the future for a documentary about the Trump presidency. You have the hardliner aides, the war against the liberal media, the accusation regarding obstruction of justice – all very familiar in the year 2019. I especially got a kick out of Gore Vidal referencing the Nixon era with "every day he does something that interests. It's sort of a rat going and you keep trying to kill it and it gets away".