The Shining

The Shining ★★½

this is a five star movie. this rating is a cheap trick to get someone to read this and this movie doesn't deserve it. im sorry.

there is a certain type of man who goes to movies alone, or perhaps with one petrified friend. these are generally screenings of old horror movies or perhaps movies that these men describe as "nic cage going FULL nic cage." these men get very excited when the lights go down because their performance is about to start. they are here to demonstrate their mastery of this movie, to laugh loudly and intentionally at inappropriate or odd moments, make jokes for the entire theatre to hear, and even offer characters 'silly advice.' These men probably think of themselves as "film buffs" and likely cannot relate to others because they don't know how to talk about anything other than the movies they like. I hate these dudes. I want them to feel endless pain. They hope that one day someone will come along and say wow, this guy knows so much about movies! This will not happen. Ever. Everyone hates you. Everyone dreads every impactful moment because of the gutteral squeal they know you will make. Rot at home with your wall of unframed small posters. Do not show your face in public

soundtrack of this movie doesn't get enough love, it's really a masterpiece. nothing else sounds like it