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  • mother!



    After seeing that clown movie, I really needed a movie that dared to be confrontational and actually tried to challenge its audience and really mean something, ya know? Maybe mother! swings a tad too far in that direction, but still, I greatly appreciate its efforts and its madness. And say what you want about this movie, I'm still thinking about mother! A LOT, whereas that clown movie was pretty much immediately and effortlessly processed and kindly stored away somewhere in…

  • Saw IV

    Saw IV


    I may have been reading into these movies the wrong way (or I may just be more willing to project my own thoughts at the moment) because part 4 here is making me think they're all about the inherent cruelty and heartlessness of personal-choice rhetoric and the belief that whatever dire circumstances a person falls into are entirely their own fault. A person's choice obviously plays a role, and actions have consequences, but blatantly disregarding any outside influences is just…

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  • Reindeer Games

    Reindeer Games


    Top 5 Reasons To Watch Reindeer Games:

    5. One of the dumbest, most convoluted 'twist' endings imaginable.

    4. Isaac Hayes' most inexplicable film role. It's baffling.

    3. Charlize Theron

    2. "I want some fuckin hAAt chAAklAAt... and some pecan fuckin pie."

    1. Dennis Farina's inexplicable false teeth.

    A truly breathtaking mess of a motion picture.

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    This is becoming quite the year for genre films. I knew very little about the film going in (cabin, woods, etc.) and was constantly surprised and astounded by the developments and utter chaos of this film. It's a fucking blast.