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  • Wait Until Dark

    Wait Until Dark


    Alan Arkin could stab me with a knife and then proceed to make witty, leisurely remarks over my dying body, I wouldn’t even be mad. I love this movie.

  • Berserker



    Well that was the strangest PSA about littering I’ve ever watched. With what has to be one of the absolute top tier horror posters, Berserker works hard to build an inviting atmosphere despite some flaws. While still following the normal slasher formula to what feels like a tongue in cheek degree (littering being the mark of death, the skinny dip nudity copout only to follow it up later with a pretty up close and personal sex scene) things are built…

  • Demon Wind

    Demon Wind


    True demon wind can only be achieved with the 3 for $2 of those 7/11 heat roller hot dogs, some taquitos, and a warm liter of Mello Yello. Even though I’m pretty sure the production was entirely American, Demon Wind struck me as that weird pseudo-American plastic homage ala Demons marriaged with the backwoods horror of Evil Dead, in the most enjoyable way possible. A protagonist who leads everyone on to an inescapable demonic nightmare land until it’s too late,…

  • The Devil's Rain

    The Devil's Rain


    If Ernest Borgnine is Satan I’m booking a one way ticket to hell right now. In terms of atmosphere and visual style, the Devil’s Rain has a pretty enjoyable, eerie amount to offer. In terms of story, I felt like I chugged my body weight in Jose Cuervo just before the film started and then over the course of it I became more and more unable to comprehend, reduced to a drool cup from the brain cells I had lost.…

  • Werewolves on Wheels

    Werewolves on Wheels


    I too love to throw back a nice warm six pack of Busch before partying in the backyard of some Satanists. There’s a lot of moving parts literally and figuratively in Werewolves on Wheels which it impressively manages for the most part to keep tied together cohesively and proved to be a much more interesting take on its genre blend that I anticipated, yet also never seemed to exactly grab me on another level. In its sun soaked, feverish blending…

  • Midnight



    That frisbee throwing might have been the most violently offensive thing my eyes have witnessed. With Midnight, it’s now apparent which half of the Russo-Romero Night of the Living Dead writing tag team had a knack for pacing. The answer if you’re still wondering is not the guy shooting zero budget slashers in the dreary, downtrodden backwoods of 1982 Pittsburgh. A lot like Blood Beat’s delirious cousin, there’s a lot creepy charm that I enjoyed about this but it’s also…

  • Blood Beat

    Blood Beat


    Hey you got your Repulsion in my Akira! No, you got your Wisconsin woodlands in my Wonderful Christmastime music video nightmare realm! In my almost never ending cavalcade of cheapo regional horrors I’ve gained an appreciation for these zero budget shlockers that is like a love hate relationship, and Blood Beat might be the zen of it. I really wanted to love it with all my heart and in little ways it really does charm you with loads of atmosphere…

  • Moonstalker



    I too love to sneak out and enjoy one beer with my cassette player that plays one song, ah the simpler times. Moon Stalker is like Madman’s spirited cousin that I like to imagine is happening just on the other side of the same woods. In an almost never ending  night, a wintery, woodsy backdrop shrouded in moonlight with vivid crackles of campfires and wolves howling provides a nice comfy atmosphere once the killing gets underway. Does the story lag…

  • Track of the Moon Beast

    Track of the Moon Beast

    This is exactly what I would expect the life of an anthropology professor in Albuquerque, New Mexico to be like, or really even anthropology professors anywhere. I’m not sure what compelled me to watch this MST3K feature alumni on its own, just like I’m not sure about really anything in this movie. Everyone speaks (or reads off badly hidden cue cards you can see in the reflections of that one guy with glasses) like they have early onset dementia, and…

  • The Bat People

    The Bat People


    I like to believe the entire plot of this movie was an elaborate scheme by John to get away from his smothering and clingy wife Cathy without having to ghost her. The Bat People flirts with trying to be a clever “in the mind” psychological horror that was a staple of its time (like Ganja & Hess), and despite being neither clever or putting much effort to hide what’s really going on, it’s still decently dumb fun that feels like the…

  • Ganja & Hess

    Ganja & Hess


    I would gladly become a vampire if it meant I could hang out with super laidback and always cool Duane Jones and ride around in his absolutely baller Rolls Royce. As I’m sure it’s been said, Ganja & Hess feels like a horror film if it was made by a schizophrenic person who loved to drink listerine, eat Valium, and listen to George Noory and Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. Almost incomprehensible at first between the choppy editing and…

  • Dark August

    Dark August


    Basically everything I imagine life in rural Vermont to be, except with more cows. Dark August is really something for better or worse. Reminiscent of that woodsier upstate regional horror such as Let’s Scare Jessica to Death while also drawing from the folk horror feel of British outputs like the Wicker Man and Murrain, Dark August creates a tense world of unknowns, beautifully shot in a style that seems pulled directly from Images. Demons are everywhere for our cynical, hot-headed…