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  • Swiss Army Man
  • The Happy Minutes of Georg Hauser
  • Stalker
  • Happy End

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  • The Inheritors

    The Inheritors


    I genuinely dislike it when screenwriters just take the "easy route" when dealing with portrayals of contemporary, political radicalism. Too often we get to see one-dimensional, blatant caricatures standing in for controversial groups, such as members of Burschenschaften just being greedy ego-maniacs. It just hurts the overall believability of an otherwise serious script when I see people being reduced to these sort-of punching bags. It's like the lack of characterization should be complemented by the audience lashing out at an…

  • Weht die Angst, so weht der Wind

    Weht die Angst, so weht der Wind


    A slightly surreal take on big city isolation and depression. People who do not quite know how to communicate in a trance-like atmosphere of hopelessness. And I guess a love story if you can call it that? More what seems like chance encounters between two depressed love-seekers who lost the ability to feel each other.

    Very rare & obscure film. Watch it while it still is available on Filmarchiv Austrias YouTube channel (time limited offer). Maybe don't watch it if your…

Recent reviews

  • Blood & Donuts

    Blood & Donuts


    I can see a pretty decent movie about an autistic vampire here. It doesn't delve into pseudo-philosophical 90s proto-edgelord nihilism shit and that's what I appreciate it for. 👍

  • Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

    Memoirs of My Nervous Illness


    A bizarre compilation of experimental shorts accompanying the narration of famous psychiatric patient Daniel Paul Schreber's writings. More often than not it feels completely random and I wonder how much coordination went on between the different artists who were involved?
    After all, Schrebers case study is known as a prime example of a self-contained and stringent self-description of mental illness and this trilogy of films feels too disconnected to really connect the words.

Popular reviews

  • Tito and Me

    Tito and Me


    Eastern Bloc Jojo Rabbit without the cringe.

  • Obituary for a Murderer

    Obituary for a Murderer


    Haneke meets Knight Rider meets Am Dam Des meets Masters of the Universe meets Three Ladies And Their Hot Dog Stand

    In this experimental TV collage Haneke condenses an entire day of broadcast to put it in contrast to the real life circumstances of a seemlingly inexplicable atrocity:

    On September 8th, 1990, the twenty-one year old Felix Zehetner went on a killing spree. After being rejected at a neighboring party, he went home and shot his sleeping parents, then went…