Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! ★★★

It starts horrendously. An orchestra conductor seems to be possessed as he energetically conducts the 20th Century Fox fanfare. He sure sets the tone. Flashy, glamorous and exuberant. Sometimes that's a good thing. It certainly seems to be in tune with musicals. Maybe that's where the problem lies. If it's not Sweeney Todd I don't care for musicals. They're simply not for me. As hollow as it may sound.

As the story progresses things get more serious and dramatic. Though I never felt this shift had any weight, mostly due to bland characters. Just because they sing doesn't mean they're interesting. Then it just ends. The way we knew it was going to end because it's a universal love story everyone knows and because they tell us how it will end ten minutes in. But the characters still go nowhere. Then the conductor shows up again now peacefully and solemnly conducting the final crescendo as if we're supposed to feel something. The story ends with its message repeatedly expressed but the message doesn't seem to apply to what we have just seen.

What I did like were the performances, especially Nicole Kidman's, the comical situations the characters found themselves in and the ease with which the story progressed (although to a fault in the long run). It wasn't bad, the classic love story is still there, just not very well presented in my opinion. I'll give it a three (a pass). I'm a cynical bastard, I know.

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