The Baytown Outlaws

The Baytown Outlaws ★★½

It's about the Oodie brothers, three rednecks who are violent, trashy and pretty fucked up. They take a job from Celeste (Eva Longoria) which consists of kidnapping her godson from drug lord Carlos (Billy Bob). The movie is entertaining for the most part, thanks to the actors who play the Oodie brothers, they have good chemistry between them and are interesting to watch. There's some decent action here, some fun moments but not enough to warrant a pass. There's also an attempt at turning the Oodie brothers into sympathetic characters through their relationship with the kid but that turns into an ugly, cheesy affair by the end that doesn't work because the brothers are supposed to be cold-blooded killers. Softening them up is not cool. Still, this is an enjoyable watch, it's just not that good really.

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