The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

Full of relentless energy, edgy humor and delirious charm, Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street is the cinematic equivalent of being on Quaaludes for three amazing hours. Moving at an incredibly quick pace and sustaining a dangerously alert rhythm, the movie never becomes boring or uninteresting, proving instead challenging to keep up with. The true story is about Jordan Belfort, a nobody who works his way up as a stockbroker, soon becoming... a nobody with a lot of money living his life according to his own holy trinity: getting as rich, laid and high as physically possible. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance of extreme class and dedication, leading a cast stacked with great actors, mentioning Jonah Hill for his hilarious performance and infectious zaniness; Jon Bernthal for his muscles and cool mustache; Jean Dujardin for being a Swiss banker and a playa at the same time; Matthew McConaughey and Spike Jonze for their funny cameos; and Margot Robbie for obvious and slightly perverted reasons. The movie as a whole is not perfect, some scenes could've been shorter or cut altogether and sometimes it seemed to go a tad too far in its unabashed depiction of excess. But in the hands of a master like Scorsese and a cast and crew of professionals, this tale of greed, abuse and decay is surely entertaining, challenging and deeply indicative.

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