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  • Pumpkinhead



    Watched as part of Hooptober 5 in October 2018.

    The creature's design is really cool, as one would expect of Stan Winston, who also worked on major sci-fi and horror successes like Aliens. Unfortunately I don't get the impression that he makes much of a director. The pacing is a bit off; the build-up feels too drawn out for how rushed the action is, and while the child's death is obviously pretty upsetting, I think a lot of that is the premise itself, rather than good writing, acting, or direction. It's just a bit exploitative - which shouldn't be too surprising in a hicksploitation movie, maybe.

  • Dracula



    Watched as part of Hooptober 5 in October 2018.

    Me every time Absolute Legend (TM) Bela Lugosi appears on-screen with that Romantic Eye Light: YEA BABEY GO OFF

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  • Maniac



    Watched as part of Hooptober 5 in October 2018.

    Psycho but it's extremely 80s-flavored with 200% more "what if their heads just did that?" Unusual for a slasher in that it doesn't really have a final girl and is very much focused on the slasher himself (played unnervingly well by Joe Spinell). Spectacularly gruesome and disturbingly believable.

  • They Live

    They Live


    Watched as part of Hooptober 5 in October 2018.

    I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum!

    Dude with horrible 80s mullet finds a pair of sunglasses that forcibly imbue him with class consciousness. Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets 1984 meets Escape From New York's overblown action scenes. Aside from the climax, there are plenty of aspects of this movie that have aged pretty well as social commentary. I love how…