Possessor ★★★★

Daily Horror Hunt - February 2021

Not as disturbing to behold as Antiviral but as much rooted in a seemingly not-so-distant future wherein a very specific new technology and its implications are imagined.

I didn't find those implications quite as compelling as I did in Antiviral, but that certainly doesn't mean I didn't find them compelling. As Andrea Riseborough/Christopher Abbott's assassin becomes more muddled and the violence escalates along with damage to Vos' "real" brain, her bosses press on with the project because, well, there's just so much money on the line. The protagonist destroys herself in becoming what her employers need her to be; it's a depressing picture, and all the more so for the little flashes of love and tenderness, always out of reach for the characters involved.

It's an interesting, and still fairly gruesome, movie, although the back and forth killing does drag a bit by the last third.

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