Alien³ ★★★

I've heard some pretty bad things about Alien³ and was prepared to face something terrificly shitty, but it honestly wasn't that bad. I guess it simply wasn't the big deal I would've liked it to be.

Actually, this is still a nicely crafted film that tries to create an even bleaker and gloomier atmosphere than Alien and Aliens had. While it succeeds in that, it doesn't really manage to get over the emotional detachment from almost anything happening on and off screen, including even the ending, taking much of what could've been the excitement and suspense of its prequels. It definetly has its moments: remember the scene when Ripley desperately searches the sewers for the alien - and finds it. It also has Charles Dance and some hilarious fucked-up crazy dude I can't recall the name of.
But it does have some pretty mediocre creature effects and loads of mindless 'I'll do so 'cause the script tells me to, no matter how dead I end up afterwards' crap, too, and compared to so many other 'meh' productions, even that would be acceptable.
It's just that in the end I would've expected more of both an Alien movie and an early David Fincher.

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