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  • Brick



    For the most part Brick succeeds in pushing a neo-noir crime story within a school environment, thrusting young antagonists into a mature if sometimes needlessly over complicated plot. Though director Rian Johnson doesn't manage to knock it out of the park he still manages to craft a stylistic, well crafted concept combining all the positive elements of previous noir works into a hard boiled detective story.

    Though Brick doesn't have a strong emotional tangent, nor does it push the genre into new heights it is an interesting work that is worth the time investing into it's rich, yet compelling story.

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1


    Despite some wooden acting on some parts, an under-developed analysis of the werewolf clan and some clumsy CGI effects this delivers what the fans want. Sweet, sincere backed with the right amount of body horror and wince enduing material to gain the emotional response from the audience. With a slow, brooding tone building throughout the film you always feel as though you're reaching a key point whether it be the ending, the culmination of several films leading to the physical…

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  • Titanic



    Takes a tragic event and uses it as a device to create a "tragic" love story but turns it into an overlong, cliched, bland 3 hour drama with very little drama that works consistently. When the tragic event happens you feel that the story may actually be heading somewhere but then realize it only has the production value and effects to keep it afloat.

  • Alien



    How do you create a truly terrifying horror film? You give the audience characters they care about. Ridley Scott spends the first half building up the tension by creating true character's in a realistic environment, despite being in space. Proving that horror isn't just about jump scares, but about real human peril, literal life and death stakes. Shot with some truly iconic cinematography and a movie monster that can rarely be rivaled, Alien proves that horror films can terrifying without resulting in cheap tricks.