Shame ★★★★★

Shame‬ is such an incrediably sad film. Brandon/Sissy are such lonely emotionally scared miserable pathetic characters. I did get the we committed incest at least twice vibe while watching. It's a great film. It really does emotionally punch you in the gut a few times. I felt such compassion and sadness for the character of Brandon. Clearly they had a traumatic and possibly abusive childhood. I have no doubt that it was left open ended for us to judge on the siblings relationship. I cannot praise this film enough, it is spectacular.

Sad that Michael Fassbender didn't get an Oscar nom. His performance was heart breaking. I fully believe had he been a woman portraying a character with a sex addicton, probably would of won an Oscar. Even with all the sex and nudity. I mean Halle Berry won one for Christ's sake. (I know that was mean.)