• Dawn of the Dead
  • Animal House

    2.Animal House

    In discussion of GOAT comedies, timeless bits of comedy and stick-it-to-the-man story, Belushi is a silent film character in the best way, influenced so much to this day, works like a kind of character study, not an ounce of fat

  • Drunken Master

    3.Drunken Master

    Deftly light-hearted, warm-toned, and full of breathtaking skill that never disappoints

  • Days of Heaven
  • The Deer Hunter

    5.The Deer Hunter

    Difficult in length and complexities, but it does work as a "war is hell" piece with some effective film-making and great acting

  • Superman


    Reeves is perfect, Brando and Hackman are intriguing, legitimately funny to this day, but the origin story is tired for me (not the movie's fault) and pretty impact-free

  • Halloween
  • The Last Waltz

    8.The Last Waltz

    Stellar collection of eclectic music by a budding genius filmmaker, effective at perhaps the most important aspect of concert docs, which in my mind is making you wish you were there

  • Watership Down
  • The First Great Train Robbery

    10.The First Great Train Robbery

    Doesn't aspire to much more than the heist, but does it really well, with the visual storytelling in general being very good, however did find a couple of scenes confusing enough that I had to go back

  • Grease


    I like it in small doses, Travolta is magnetic, some of the songs are truly great, and I like the high school parody elements, but not a lot to come back to for me

  • Gates of Heaven

    12.Gates of Heaven

    On the outside about the pet cemetery industry, but really about the human condition and what people really think about life itself

  • Autumn Sonata
  • The Lord of the Rings

    14.The Lord of the Rings

    Absolutely inspired adaptation even if clearly limited (half story, relatively short which causes a huge lack in characterization and keeps everything too big), Jackson built upon this solid foundation, rotoscoping used to great effect in battles, voice cast is delightful, likely best of the animation bunch

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • Convoy


    If you consider the absurdity and pointlessness of what you are getting into then I think there is fun and laughs to be had

  • Killer of Sheep

    17.Killer of Sheep

    Certainly interesting subject matter but I feel like a Wiseman-esque documentary is more my style rather than an attempt at neorealism

  • The Wiz

    18.The Wiz

    It’s got some life and clearly served as a creative outlet for those involved but that is not enough to save it from the blunt messaging, questionable dancing, boring songs, vacuous stage play sets, and just all-around TV-feeling aspects

  • Day of the Woman

    19.Day of the Woman

    Certainly evokes a reaction regardless of which way one leans, I choose to go negative because such an important subject should have been treated with more care (30+ minutes of rape scenes is just not productive)