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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Fanny and Alexander
  • Duck Soup
  • Stop Making Sense

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  • Thunderpants


    Some incredible things that happen in Thunderpants:

    -Patrick's farts lead to his parent's divorce (never resolved)
    -A subplot about the rivalry between two opera tenors
    -Patrick's farts inadvertently cause the death of one of the tenors, and Patrick is charged with murder
    -Patrick is to be executed by firing squad
    -Rupert Grint's pronunciation of "spaceman"
    -NASA is secretly run by children hand-selected by government agents. 
    -These children are kept in a secret lab that only Paul Giamatti has the clearance…

  • Heard She Got Married

    Heard She Got Married


    All the classic Motern preoccupations are here - small town gossip, a hometown hero returning with his tail between his legs, local radio shows, lots of walking. 

    But it’s amazing and shocking to see how all their familiar tropes are filtered through something so dark and ambiguous, especially following Slingshot Cops which is easily their silliest film. As Farley and Roxburgh gain a slow yet steady following, it’s commendable and laudatory that they still challenge themselves to explore and push…