Debt Begins at 20

Debt Begins at 20 ★★★★★

The necessity of planning and coordinating when making a film renders the entire medium mostly incompatible with punk. A film like Repo Man or Sid & Nancy features punks, punk ideals, end-of-history nihilist screeds, but the films themselves, even Repo Man, feel at odds with punk ideology on an aesthetic and technical level. Peter Jackson's Bad Taste is more punk than Repo Man. Slacker, too, for that matter. 

Debt Begins At 20 might be the most pure distillation of punk (whatever that means, and it means a lot, and it means nothing) in the cinematic medium. The punk purity comes from its blend of documentary and staged narrative scenes (to an extent, even the narrative scenes are documenting the sense of humor, ethics, and social code of a subculture), a confusing "6 Months Earlier" title card, and live performances of shitty bands. 

Bonus points for its complete lack of mohawks and one of the best make out scenes committed to film.