Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★

[ancient lamentation singing]

Am I going to eat my words? Not really. At least it was better than the original, and my family really liked it so not really gonna complain. So here’s me listing off positives I have for this:

- better than the original
- Color-grading
- Superman’s black suit
- The Flash turning back time 
- Removing all the terrible jokes (except “i’m rich”)

the complaints i’ll say is that this is still the original justice league but with a cool paint job and an updated interior. Still has bland characters, unnecessarily long scenes, even worse pacing, it replaces the unfunny fun tone with a funny self serious tone, and on top of that there's repetitive music like every time wonder woman does something, the same choir goes off and it gets annoying the 3rd time, and thinking about it, wonder woman doesn’t fucking do ANYTHING besides fight people and explain the lore. There’s more I can complain about but it doesn’t matter, this is just a dumb superhero movie.

Also if that fucking falcon and bucky show gets more attention and is more critically acclaimed than this that’ll be fucking hilarious.

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