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  • Cube



    Vincenzo Natali is at his peak with this high concept horror. There is a cube. There is death. And that is all.

    If you're someone who wants exposition, or a fuller sense of world building, or some convenient twists to wrap up the enigmas of a plot, Cube is not for you.

    The films that followed face-planted because they tried to stretch the concept beyond the cube. But that completely misses the point. There is a cube. There is death. And that is all.

  • Cube Zero

    Cube Zero

    The original 'Cube' was a high concept thriller from Vincenzo Natali, a director who has devoted himself to high concept thrillers. It was minimalist, unsettling and thought provoking because it offered nothing in the way of exposition. The most terrifying thing about the titular cube was that it had almost no explanation, no purpose. It existed as a byproduct of an invisible bureaucratic system in which disconnected people worked on pointless projects that ultimately coalesced into a meaningless structure of…

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  • Jessabelle


    Sarah Snook has a fine performance in a film that unfortunately figures unnecessary racism is the best kind of twist a horror film needs. Whether intentional or not, the final message of the film is that black sexuality will ruin white lives... yep, it's the 19th century all over again.

    The title becomes a play on words - Jezebel becomes Jessabelle - when what starts as a fairly predictable (but spooky) haunted house chiller dives head first into Haitian voodoo…

  • Predestination



    Like the ouroboros snake that disappears into itself Predestination might have easily become all consuming and cyclic in its time-travelling absurdity were it not for outstanding performances by Sarah Snook and Ethan Hawke.

    If you look hard enough I'm sure the paradoxes incurred by this time-travelling whodunnit will drive you to madness, but to its credit the film clips along at a pace that whizzes past the plot holes without losing sight of the core plot points. If you're a fan of films like Source Code, 12 Monkeys and Primer then this is a definite must-see.