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  • Children of Men
  • Zodiac
  • Enemy
  • Coherence

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  • The Mummy


  • Top Gun


  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


  • 47 Meters Down: Uncaged


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  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    I've clowned on this film countless times, but in all honesty, it's just a very fun watch.
    Stephen Sommers does a decent job handling the big scope of the story and action, while juggling the comedic elements (a lot of the comedy relying on the timing of the framing) and the horror ones as well, which are actually pretty gross and violent for a PG-13 film (great use of shadows twice to show violence in an implicit way).
    The immersive…

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    Wasn't expecting to watch Top Gun of all things on my birthday, but with the awful weather here and the sequel releasing in a few days, it wasn't a bad plan at all.
    Tony Scott does a great job showcasing the brute force of these machines and the sweaty, sunset-drenched backdrop the equally exceptional pilots find themselves in.
    There is a sensible and melodramatic side to the film that acts as a counterbalance to what the military typically represents that I found refreshing.
    It doesn't all work, but there is enough style, gorgeous cinematography and slick dogfighting sequences to make for an enjoyable watch.

Popular reviews

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    The Northman is as tense, brutal, strange and outright insane, as a Robert Eggers directed Viking revenge film could get.
    It takes a simple premise and with it goes in both extremely violent and extremely bizarre directions, connecting both with patient directing, smooth and creative camerawork, and a focused and effective story.
    There's very visceral long takes when the action happens, but there's also a beautiful location treatment, using the environment to highten the feeling of suspense. It also has…

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    As someone who's been feeling stuck in arrested development for years now, this film felt extremely personal to me. That indescribable feeling of waiting for something to happen in order to start living, if there even is such a thing, is what the lead character in The Worst Person in the World is going through. A feeling that's gotten progressively more present in my daily life that, for some reason, makes me feel vindicated when seeing it portrayed on screen.…