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  • Rebel



    This film was horrifically confusing and it was completely unclear who the bad guy was for much of the runtime. Even the action was disjointed and broken with weird CGI motions and effects that don’t make anything better. I think, ultimately, it was a failure of direction. The story was there, it was just shredded in the execution. 

    The best parts were a lighthearted flashback where Prabhas pretends to be a weakling music student for his father and some early…

  • Darling



    One of those frustrating films where the screenwriter is more interested in trying to show off than to tell you a good story. 

    One star for Prabhas. One star for extra sweaty Prabhas. It could have been more but his shirt was never torn off in a fight. (Missed opportunity). 
    However, Prabhas should not attempt body rolls or breakdancing and just stick to keytar and smashing in goons’ faces, which he clearly excels at.

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  • Annihilation



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I didn't see the film again but I did want to include a spoiler filled explanation of why it made me so upset. 

    (Spoilers obviously)

    This film is supposedly about a team of women scientists. However, the science in this movie is painfully bad. (I expect that some movie science will be terrible, so don't misunderstand that I expect perfection, I just expect SOME FORM OF ACTUAL LOGIC FROM WELL WRITTEN FEMALE CHARACTERS). 

    1) Husband comes…

  • Chatrapathi



    This is cheesy and overwrought and ridiculously, deliciously indulgent. And I loved every damn minute. 

    Hilariously dirty song lyrics, bulging biceps, shark fights, lots and lots of stabbings and a spinning jeep shootout. What more could a girl ask for?