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  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    Should Guy Ritchie be nostalgia baiting?

    After transforming the British film scene with the one-two punch of Lock, Stock... and Snatch, with the ripple effects of cheapo vintage lads film still flogging up today. The strange retro-grade tinge to The Gentlemen feels a bit more upmarket than the bargain DVD range at your local supermarket.

    That’s not to say Ritchie’s charm doesn’t shine through, able to accumulate a sizeable cast, and assemble a mixture of great scenes, even within a…

  • Bombshell



    A whisper of things to come in terms on ‘prestige’ cinema. Bombshell tackles current gender politics and political regime by being the first film to cover the #metoo movement and the rise in prominence of Donald Trump, based around the sexual harassment scandal surrounding head of Fox News Roger Ailes.

    Owing a debt to the self-reflective nature of The Big Short, Charlize Theron presents is to the Fox News room as Megyn Kelly in her standard infotainment stylings. Opening with her…

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  • Metropolis



    Reportedly one of Adolf Hitler's favourite films.

    A part of me thinks he didn't quite get it...

  • Taken 3

    Taken 3


    It's lazy. It's incompetent. It's lazy and incompetent. It's lazily incompetent and it's incompetently lazy. It's lazy within it incompetency and incompetent in it's laziness.


    Kjo është dembel . Është i paaftë . Kjo është dembel dhe i paaftë . Është lazily paaftë dhe kjo është incompetently dembel . Kjo është dembel brenda atë paaftësisë dhe të paaftë në atë të përtacisë .

    انها كسول . انها غير كفء. انها كسول و غير كفء. انها غير كفء بتكاسل وانها…