Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes ★★★½

Wildly inventive paradoxical single shot comedy about a cafe owner who happens to have a monitor that has the ability to see two minutes into the future.

Hailed as the rival to the breakout success of One Shot of the Dead, for my money this one tops it in it’s ability to tell a rather earnest low-fi, high concept tale within it’s limitations. Where as the former felt a little too twee and pleased with itself, the logistical framework around this one is completely baffling in and upon itself. All seemingly captured in camera with very little cheating, it’s clearly well-rehearsed and exceptionally well timed.

It perhaps only really has the ability to squeeze in a couple of decent punchlines amongst the unwrangling of it’s ideas, and it perhaps could do with a little more camp to make an impact, but overall it’s charm carries it through. Likely to collect a decent sized cult following over the next couple years

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