Death Proof ★★½

A sloppy, unfocused film that occasionally offers an interesting look at voyeurism in exploration cinema and the directors eye through camera. Sadly, the eyes we see the film through are Tarantino's, and I'm sorry guys, as much as I love his films I definitely don't want to share the same mind as Quentin Tarantino.

Just to get it out of the way, pleanty of uncomfortable foot fetish shots to make me vomit.

Which I wouldn't mind, but these women characters are horrible, they're slutty, plain and simple, they use guys as objects and simply yap on about nothing. Then when they are done, we bring on a new cast who are far worse, leave their friend behind to get raped so they can drive a car (even going as far as provoking the rapist), oh and they yap on and on about nothing. At least the first bunch seemed like a good set of friends.

And then we have the men characters who plot to get girls drunk so they can have sex, or just simply beg for sex. I think there is only one decent male gender character in it who's not after sex and just being a 'wild likeable dude' and thats played by, oh right, Quentin Tarantino. Coincidence?

But then there are glimmers of light, the great soundtrack, the fantastic car chases, the punches thrown at modern day sleazy filmmaking, the gags of the films throwback to old sleazy filmmaking. Heck, acting isn't bad all round to be honest although they're despicable people, even a part of me didn't actually want to punch Eli Roth face off in retrospect. And that aforementioned Tarantino role, that's probably his best acting gig in his own films so far.

But the biggest glimmer of greatness I'll take away from this film is the fantastic Kurt Russell, endlessly sadistic yet cowardly and pussified in the end. And it's probably where the main voyeristic idea comes from, scary man taking advantage of girls by being theatening, and the audience just laps it up because it's a film, yet when the girls over throw him the audience see him (and themselves) for what they are.

It's a pretty clever, sadly that sort of effect only takes hold if the characters are likable enough to really give a damn about the finally encounter, or for that fact, the 50 minutes we spend with them yapping about stupid shit.

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