Killer's Kiss ★★★

Stanley Kubrick's second feature length film is a jumble of film noir clichés stringed together by a thin plotline about a boxer and his neighbour who fall in love, and a jealous, obsessive nightclub owner who won't let her go.

It's not a film that you're going to get a lot out of beyond Kubrick's name. Slight glimmers of the directors promise are shown throughout however, with some really gorgeous low-key photography that capture a really murky, grotty New York over what is usually portrayed as quite slick genre. And in particularly, a few rather intelligent framed scenes involving mirrors and dark alleyways provide enough evidence of the directors talents in his younger days.

A fog filled chase above rooftops and a fight in a mannequin factory provide the climax which shows a bigger vision for the film beyond the plotline, it's just a shame the just lacks meat to really pull you through. But at a brisk runtime of 67 minutes, there's far worse you can do.

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