Parasite ★★★★½

Class divide becomes skewed and distorted in Bong-Joon Ho’s Palme D’Or winning thriller. Following an impoverished family who attempt to scheme through life, an opportunity arrives when the youngest son of the family is convinced to pose as an English tutor who a naive wealthy family.

As wealth begins to trickle into the family’s home, they begin infiltrating the home one by one, planting seeds to over take the houseworkers’ roles. One the surface, it’s a pretty standard con movie, with a lot of the tension arising from the elastic band like absurdity of the narrative, how long till it all snaps. However, where Parasite really takes hold is through it’s dissection, and subversion of class rule.

For the longest part, you actually become convinced that you may in fact be following the bad guys in this narrative. As the idealistic rich family foolishly take these unqualified individuals on, the poor family take more liberties. Yet, once the film reaches it’s show-stopping conclusion, the veil is lifted to reveal the real priorities and privileges of the two dividing factions.

It’s a genre-savy film that often keeps you on a knife’s edge, topping in one direction towards farce and then tipping the opposite way towards horror without loosing it’s balance or tone. It’s a thrilling piece of cinema that breaks language barriers to speak profoundly to all.

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