Rumble Fish ★★★★

...that's one of the most misinforming posters I've ever seen.

Rumble Fish is Francis Ford Coppola's most striking works. Not especially deep and meaningful but soulful and personally, the film's black and white photography matched with it's feverish pace and hypnotic score draws you into the world of teenage angst and bitter adolescence.

As stated in the film, time is constructed in a way that we have so much until we have so little and Rumble Fish is about that struggle to find a place of sense. Following a kinda awful Matt Dillon as Rusty James, a kid following in his older brothers footsteps and legend of The Motorcycle Boy played by a completely fantastic Mickey Rourke, he gets caught up in gang fights and chasing girls in his search for being cool he never truly understands a way out of his dead end life until his Brother returns.

The film is built in a way to sweep you up with the events, with hedonism capture beautifully in monochrome, a lot of people have sited films from F.W. Murnau, however I saw more the works of Orson Wells and in particular Touch of Evil or Cassavettes' Faces in the film, the precision of the former matched with the flow and rhythm of the latter.

It's just a bit of a shame the performances are a bit uneven, with Dillion not fully clicking, and an early Nicolas Cage performances being a bit dire as well, mixed with a superb role from Dennis Hopper and Diane Lane, but Rourke fully steals the show as cool, almost James Dean like Motorcycle Boy.

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