The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line ★★★★

Sweeping, intimate World War II epic from Terrence Malick.

The Thin Red Line is a film that demands attention, from it's wonderfully conceived battle sequences showing the horror's of war while within the frame of the beauty of nature. The film questions our internal violent drive, is fighting engrained in our natural upbringing, are we creatures of nature or separate. Regardless of your opinion on Malick, there well be imagery that will stick with you for life if you're a fan of cinema, and Malick is an expert in visual storytelling whether you have the patients to tolerate him or not.

Upon that there are phenomenal performances here from the likes of Sean Penn and Nick Nolte, in a cast that reads more like a Yellow Pages of Beverly Hills, it's a shame most of them have so little to do. However the film is a eureka cinematic experience and it's one you should deprive yourselves of. Probably my favourite of the Malick films I've seen so far.

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