Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ½

I initially rated the film 3/5, and wrote no review. But that was the easy thing to do. It was the easy path to take. I would just have gone to sleep, having convinced myself that after all, The Rise of Skywalker wasn’t that bad.

But it is that bad. It’s terrible. It’s a shameful movie, and I don’t even know if I should be calling it a movie.

If we convince ourselves that this movie is "not that bad", then Disney will have a free pass to continue feeding mass audiences with monsters such as this film.

I enjoyed watching some parts of the filmBut why did I really enjoy them? Because in every scene, in every shot, I saw great potential. The cinematography is so beautiful, and the special effects are amazing. Yet, the movie will NEVER slow down so that you enjoy these elements. It is so fast paced it could give you a headache. There is no room for the spectator to breathe. There is no time to experience tension, or any form of emotion. I admire JJ Abrams for his visual work as well as creativity. But the studios obviously did not give him any choice but to pack this movie with the most content possible.

The Last Jedi is practically erased from the saga, and this film tries to act as two films. In my opinion, they could simply have made two additional films if it was that necessary. This "film" feels like a two-hour YouTube video with cuts every second, made for spectators with the attention span of a goldfish. Sadly, it shows even kids today can’t concentrate anymore. I'm sure Disney knows exactly what it's doing when it comes to targeting demographics. In order to be interesting, a blockbuster has to look like an instagram feed, providing flashy new content and information every second.

As soon as you start feeling a small artistic and emotional touch coming from the film crew, it is DIRECTLY crushed by the necessities of the fan-service and the terrible storyline.

Speaking about storyline. I'm a person who tends to like everything that is melodramatic. I saw so much potential in the relationship between Rey and Kylo. Yet, again, we have absolutely no time to feel anything. The film jumps from scene to scene, constantly overfeeding the spectator with new information. That was not necessary.

The characters had potential, and I even started to like them. Yet, this movie has absolutely destroyed what the two last episodes had started to create. I was not a fan of The Last Jedi, but at least I admired Rian Johnson's personal touch. This film is clearly an insult to Johnson's work.

The fans didn't like The Last Jedi, and Disney apparently was not prepared for that scenario. With this new film, Disney tries to correct everything that got the fans angry in the previous film. And it fucked up in a magistral manner.

Cinema should be about emotions. It should make us travel. We are not in a rush. Please, Rise of Skywalker, slow down and show us these extraordinary landscapes. They are the result of so much investment and creativity. Please let us breathe, reflect on new information, and live with these characters. This way, when they have something important to say, or when they are in life-threatening situations, then we will actually be involved as if we were present with them - as if we personally knew them.

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