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  • Gates of Heaven

    Gates of Heaven


    I don’t get the hype. The subject and subjects are dry as dust and kept putting me to sleep, and frankly they seem like perfectly normal and nice people I could meet anywhere, just old. Pets are a big part of a lot of old people’s lives; nothing funny or insightful about that. The interviews didn’t eventually get strange like I was expecting. It sounds like the pet cemetery made the locals happy. Seemed like a human interests piece on…

  • Europa Report

    Europa Report


    A very detailed and scientifically accurate, if a bit repetitive, journey to Europa to seek life there. One of those character-driven mysteries that burns slow until the last five minutes when it gets crazy.

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  • A Trip to the Moon

    A Trip to the Moon


    I think it's interesting that in the first movie about aliens it's the humans that invade the aliens

  • The Voices

    The Voices


    This was the silliest movie about a mentally ill serial killer I've ever seen.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how respectful toward women this was despite it trying to be a ~dark comedy~. While the guy does kill women, these women varied in personality and appearance, dressed conservatively, acted like normal intelligent people, and affected the plot. Most serial killer flicks, especially of the comedic kind, tend to sexualize violence and women being afraid. The synopsis made me worry that…