Cronies ★★

I watched this because the summary sounded promising. A bonerrail-thin backstory is gradually revealed (with childhood flashbacks, somehow, despite this movie being a faux-documentary) as we watch three unlikable dudes (a wannabe badass, the badass's friend who disagrees with him, and a their dude who alternates between which dude he goes along with) ride around harassing women, smoking, fishing, and talking about eachother and/or drugs, for a day. Little to nothing happens (or at least nothing that interested me) and the dialogue doesn't do a very good job developing the characters (despite this being something of a character study) or even really being interesting. For a gritty realistic sort of drama centered on a limited cast the characters were too one-dimensional and the dialogue was repetitive and needed anecdotes about their apparently lifelong friendship or an interesting conversation about something besides women, pot, the one guy's car, or the documentary director. If we're gonna watch these guys cruise around and do mundane things for 80 minutes there should be amusing dialogue to go with.
Basically the movie showed the characters posturing and acting like assholes but then also showed that they're not all bad because they love their family and eachother. It's a nice sentiment but it takes a while to get to that anvil and you first have to watch them act like assholes.

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