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  • California Crisis: Gun Salvo

    California Crisis: Gun Salvo


    Available on YouTube, though the already somewhat humble sound is slightly off-sync. I found out about this from fellow lover of gonzo film Chad Smith, by the way.

    Neon summer days and nights, populated by motion/stillness and inundated with light. This road trip to uncover an alien secret is about as silly as one would expect from an anime OVA -- I had given up taking it seriously by the time a random cat companion appeared -- but we all…

  • Ninja the Protector

    Ninja the Protector


    Available on YouTube, if you hate yourself.

    Not nearly as KINO as the immortal Ninja Terminator, but this Godfrey Ho gonzo-fest has its moments. If you started off with that aforementioned film, welcome back Richard "Ninja Master Harry" Harrison, this time playing a cop named Bruce. He has the secret ninja identity thing going on -- Batman connection confirmed? -- since, as we all know, "Only a ninja can defeat another ninja." His squadmates are all adorably incompetent, apparently not…

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  • The Color of Pomegranates

    The Color of Pomegranates


    Currently available on YouTube. Incidentally, do check out the excellent reviews by Senor Cochran and The Film Sufi to better understand how one may approach this strange work, which is by no means for everyone.

    The most gorgeous locked gate of cinema, The Color of Pomegranates is a behemoth of a biopic, featuring almost nothing immediately accessible to the viewer's understanding. Obstensively, it is a biography film of Armenian poet Sayat-Nova, loosely telling his tale by some of the most…

  • Man with a Movie Camera

    Man with a Movie Camera


    "Man with a Movie Camera" is a declaration of the unique powers of cinema. As many others used the medium as an extension of stage plays and optical illusions, the restless innovative mind of Dziga Vertov found in film a new way to convey emotion and draw parallels. More vitally, he reveals his repertoire for all to appreciate and understand, further advancing the art form that is film.

    This film is a condensed depiction of everyday Russian life, of its…