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  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    It's been quite a while since I've felt my time and money spent at the theater was worthwhile.

  • Ivan's Childhood

    Ivan's Childhood


    I feel like I haven't been watching "cinema" in a while, so this was rather refreshing.

    Beer: Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake Stout - 4/5 (pours like oil, very thick, fairly sweet, heavy, yummy but can only have one at a time)

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  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    I don't trust anyone who dislikes this movie.

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    He did it. He actually did it.

    I cannot believe I'm even typing this, but it's true...

    Christopher Nolan successfully crammed 10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag.

    Didn't even think it was possible!

    Is every citizen of Gotham City a fucking idiot? Let me count the ways...

    The first example goes all the way back to Batman Begins, when Bruce Wayne disappears for something like 8 years, then comes back one day without anybody asking where he…